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Last Updated On: 08/05/2004

Windows NT Repair Disk

Creating a Windows NT Boot Disk

If Windows NT fails to boot because a file is missing or corrupt, a boot disk can boot the system and restore the corrupt or missing file or files to the hard disk.

Required Boot Files:

  • NTBOOTDD.SYS (Only for a SCSI hard drive without BIOS enabled.)

Note:NTBOOTDD.SYS is only needed if the winnt_root folder is on a drive connected to that SCSI controller with BIOS disabled.


  • A Windows NT boot disk must be formatted on a Windows NT-based computer, so that the boot sector on the disk can find and run NTLDR.

  • The BOOT.INI file must reflect the proper ARC path to the system partition on the failed computer. This path includes the disk controller, disk drive, and partition to the Windows NT system files.

After the disk is created, use it to start a Windows NT installation from a floppy disk. It is important to note that only certain files are loaded from a floppy disk. All other files are accessed from the hard disk of the Windows NT-based computer.If the Windows NT kernel (NTOSKRNL.EXE) or other files in the other computer are corrupt or missing, the boot disk will be of no use. If this is the case, use the Emergency Repair process to restore the missing or corrupt files.