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Last Updated On: 08/05/2004

Windows NT Tools and Resources

Windows NT Resource Kit

The Windows NT Workstation Resource Kit, available from Microsoft Press (, is perhaps the most in-depth book written about Windows NT 4.0 workstation, and goes into more detail than you'll probably ever need. While not a very good book to try to read cover to cover, it makes an excellent reference.

Windows NT Workstation Advanced Technical Reference

The NT Advanced Technical Reference book is a wonderful and easy to use resource, covering a lot of various networking and advanced system issues. It stays to the point and is not convoluted with too much theory. Published by QUE books.

Windows NT Magazine

This magazine is perhaps one of the best publications ever produced. The articles are clear and relevant. The biggest plus is that Microsoft does not publish this periodical, therefore the information is objectively presented. For information about subscriptions, reference