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Last Updated On: 08/05/2004

Windows NT Networking

Network Adapters, Protocols, and Services

The Control Panel Network applet provides five tabs for configuring network adapters, protocols, services, and bindings: Identification, Services, Protocols, Adapters, and Bindings.

The Identification tab contains the computer name and the name of the workgroup to which the computer belongs. Clicking "Change" opens the Identification Changes dialog box. Notice that the user is given the option to become a member of a workgroup or a domain. If the computer runs on a domain, the user should contact their system administrator for assistance configuring advanced protocols and services.

All installed services are visible from the Services tab. By default, Windows NT installs Computer Browser, NetBIOS Interface, RPC Configuration, Server, and Workstation. Remote Access Service may be added during installation, and requires that a modem be installed.

The Protocols tab lists each installed protocol, and gives the options to add, remove, or modify a protocol. TCP/IP is installed by default during the installation process.