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Last Updated On: 08/05/2004

Windows NT Networking

Configuring NetBEUI

The simplest of all network protocols, Microsoft's NetBEUI is a very fast protocol for small departmental networks. However, it is not routable, and causes excessive traffic in larger networks. NetBEUI has no user-definable properties.

The Adapters tab lists the network cards physically installed into the computer. In the case of a system running as a gateway, a computer may contain more than one network card.

The final network tab is the Bindings tab. Each network adapter must be bound to one or more protocols and services in order to function. By default, each network card is bound to all existing protocols when the adapter is installed. When troubleshooting network connections, it may be necessary to unbind the network adapter from protocols such as TCP/IP and IPX/SPX, and use only NetBEUI (because NetBEUI is the simplest to configure).

To view the protocols and services each adapter is bound to, choose "all adapters" in the Show Bindings for pull down menu. You may selectively enable and disable bindings by right-clicking on an entry or clicking the Enable/Disable buttons.