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Last Updated On: 08/05/2004

Windows NT Networking

Remote Access Service (RAS)

RAS provides the Windows NT dialup connectivity using a modem. To install RAS, double-click on the Network icon in the Control Panel, select the Services tab, and click on Add. Then, select Remote Access Service from the list provided. If no modem is installed, you will be prompted with the following dialog box.

Clicking Yes start the modem installation wizard (see the modem section below). After installing a modem, or if a modem is already installed, the Remote Access Setup window is displayed.

To add a RAS device, click the Add button. Now, choose the device you wish to install using the pull down menu. In most instances, you will be selecting a modem that is installed on COM2.

After selecting an RAS capable device, and clicking OK, you must configure the port usage. For typical dialup connectivity to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) you will select "Dial out only".

Finally, you must select which protocol to use with the RAS device. In the case of an ISP, TCP/IP should be selected. It is not necessary to select NetBEUI or IPX to contact most ISPs.