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Last Updated On: 08/05/2004

Windows NT Installation

Setup Switches

Windows NT includes a number of setup switches that may be used from the command line. Some of the more important switches are listed below.
  • /B - Installs NT without using boot disks. The files necessary to boot are copied to the hard drive. Instructs Windows NT not to create setup diskettes during the installation.
  • /C - Bypasses the check for free space when creating boot disks (WINNT only).
  • /E - Used in conjunction with /OX; copies files without verification (WINNT only).
  • /OX - Creates setup disks without starting Windows NT Setup process.
  • /S:path - Source directory for Windows NT installation (by default, the \i386 director in the CDROM).
  • /T:drive - Specifies drive to be used for temporary files during installation (approx. 104 MB is required).