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Last Updated On: 08/05/2004

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U.S. Robotics WinModem: Windows NT 4.0 Install

  1. Boot the machine with the WinModem physically installed.
  2. Windows NT should boot normally without trying to set-up the WinModem.
  3. To install the WinModem you will need to run A:\SETUP.EXE from the install disk.
  4. This screen will appear, you should then click INSTALL.
    Note: You can also uninstall from setup.

  5. Files are being copied.

  6. After the files are copied over and the configuration is set, Winmodem setup will show you the settings of the Winmodem. Click OK and Windows will ask you to restart.
    Note: The WinModem uses a virtual COMport, therefore the traditional Addresses and IRQ’s do not apply.

  7. After the restart, the Winmodem should be ready to use. Try using Hyperterminal to test the modem.

U.S. Robotics WinModem: Windows NT 4.0 Uninstall

  1. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel.
  2. Double-click on the Winmodem Icon

  3. From here you can now click (UNINSTALL).

  4. Windows NT will ask you to verify the Uninstall. Click OK.
  5. you will be asked to restart. Click OK.

Changing settings and trouble shooting the Winmodem in Windows NT 4.0

  • To change the settings of the Winmodem you should first check for available resources.
  • Go to Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Windows NT Diagnostics.

  • Windows will list the taken IRQ’s and I/O Port Addr’s. From here you should be able to pick between the choices that the Winmodem can use. (IRQ: 3,5,7,9)(I/O:110,210,270,2F0,370)
    Note: You will also need to check port in Control Panel for a Com Port not in use.
  • Now back to Control Panel, Winmodem icon.

  • Here you can change each of the modem settings by using the pull-down menu for that setting.
  • After you have chosen the correct resources, and clicked on OK, you will be asked to restart. Click OK.

  • After rebooting, test the modem using Hyperterminal.