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Last Updated On: 08/05/2004

Troubleshooting Windows NT

Troubleshooting Installation

  • Problem: Windows NT is unable to detect any drives
  • Solution: The system may be infected with a virus. Run a MS-DOS based antivirus program from a bootable, write-protected diskette.
  • Problem: The computer will not boot to the Windows NT Setup Disk #1
  • Solution: Check BIOS settings for the floppy.
  • Solution: Create a new set of setup diskettes by running Winnt.exe /ox from within the \i386 directory on the Windows NT CDROM.
  • Problem: Windows NT Setup will not continue after the first reboot.
  • Solution: The computer contains an unsupported SCSI storage device. Attempt to install to a different storage device.
  • Solution: The installation drive is compressed - uncompress the drive.
  • Solution: The temporary files required by Windows NT Setup have been copied to a drive on the secondary controller, and Setup cannot locate the files. Try running Windows NT Setup using the /T:driveletter to specify the location for the temporary files, so that Setup can locate the files after rebooting.
  • Problem: Windows NT Setup cannot locate the CDROM drive.
  • Solution: The CDROM drive may not be on the NT Hardware Compatibility List. Try copying the installation files from the \i386 directory on the CDROM to a directory on the hard drive. Then, run Winnt.exe /b to install from the hard drive.
  • Problem: Receive the error “Stop:0x00000050… PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.”
  • Solution: This usually indicates a problem with memory. Try disabling the secondary (L2) cache on the system, replace the main memory (SIMMs or DIMMs), or try another video adapter in case the video memory is faulty. In systems containing an Adaptec 78xx SCSI controller, specify additional mass storage devices, and provide NT setup with the Adaptec driver diskette.
  • Problem: Receive the error “Stop:0x0000001E…”
  • Solution: This is a very generic error message. Some common causes are incompatible hardware, not enough disk space, or an incompatible BIOS.
  • Problem: Setup hangs during the detection of devices.
  • Solution: The detection process sometimes takes a while. However, if you are certain that the detection process has hung, suspect an incompatible hardware component. Turn off the computer, and remove the incompatible device to continue with setup. If you are not sure which device is incompatible, try the following:
    1. Use diskcopy to create an image of Windows NT Setup Disk #1
    2. Copy \i386\Ntdetect.chk from the installation CDROM to on the newly create setup floppy.
    3. Boot to this diskette, and note the detection progress.
    Ntdetect.chk is a version of that is more verbose. Using this diskette it is much easier to determine on which device the detection process is hanging.
  • Problem: The Boot Loader cycles endlessly during the setup process.
  • Solution: The computer is most likely infected with a boot sector virus. Run a MS-DOS based antivirus from a bootable, write-protected floppy.