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Last Updated On: 08/05/2004

Troubleshooting Devices


Problem: Cannot connect to network using NWLink IPX/SPX Compatible Transport:
Solution: If a computer will not connect to a network running the NWLink protocol, try manually adjusting the frame type under the NWLink IPX/SPX Compatible protocol properties. By default, “auto detect” is used for frame type. Set this to Ethernet 802.3 (Ethernet 802.2 is also an option, however, this protocol is newer and less compatible than Ethernet 8023).

Problem: Get error: Not enough server storage:
Solution: After installing certain drivers or an application that installs new system services it may be necessary to reinstall Service Pack 3. Frequently, this error arises after installing network adapter drivers.

Problem: The Messenger service terminated with service-specific error 227:
Solution: Most likely indicates that the computer name assigned to the workstation is currently in use on the network. Try changing the computer name under the Identification tab of the Network Properties window.

Problems with 3Com 3C905b NIC
Solution: Download the most current drivers from 3Com’s web site. Remove all networking components from the Network Properties window, and delete the following registry keys:

To delete these keys go to Permissions, check off “Replace Permission on Existing Subkeys”, change “Everyone” to “Full Control”, and reboot. Then reinstall the drivers, and of course, Service Pack 3.

Problem: “Service database is locked”:
Solution: Occurs when trying to remove network components. Remove the network components after booting to VG mode. Then, reboot normally, log on as Administrator, and reinstall the network components. Bew sure to reapply Service Pack 3 after installing the network drivers and components.