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Last Updated On: 08/05/2004

Troubleshooting Devices

Troubleshooting PCMCIA Swapbox

  • Windows NT 4.0 does not use the CardSoft/ CardWizard software included standard with your SwapBox. Standard CardSoft/CardWizard is used by DOS 5.0, 6.xx, Windows 3.1, or 3.11.
  • You will not hear a system "beep" acknowledging an insertion or ejection of a PC Card under the Windows NT operating systems. This is due to the OS.
  • Always verify the ISA card and cables are seated securely.

  • If you receive the message "No PCMCIA Controller Card Found" when checking the PCMCIA icon in the Control Panel. This is most often caused by the Plug and Play BIOS setting being enabled within your system set-up. This OS is not Plug and Play capable. Go to your system set-up and disable the Plug and Play configuration or select the ICU utility configuration
  • No Hot Swapping. The native support in Windows NT for PC Cards is limited. Without the ability to support Plug and Play, PC Cards are treated the same as standard expansion boards. Consequently, there is No Hot Swapping of cards with Windows NT 4.0. Because Hot Swapping features are not available, all PCMCIA peripherals must be inserted before booting (warm boot) or during powering-on the system (cold boot). If the PC card is removed, the card must be removed and reinserted and the system rebooted for the peripherals to be detected again by the operating system. SystemSoft Corporation has a software utility for Windows NT which add Hot Swapping capability to your PC. Go to SystemSoft.
  • The majority of Fax/Modem PC Cards are supported under Windows NT. When using a Fax/Modem card you will see an additional COM port assigned to the PC Card along with and IRQ when you click on the Port icon in the Control Panel.
  • The majority of Network and LAN PC Cards are supported under the Windows NT OS. Windows NT will assign an I/O port along with an IRQ.
  • The majority of ATA drives and ATA flash PC Cards are supported by Windows NT. These types of PC Cards will be scanned and verified by the OS during the boot process.
  • Upgrading your Windows NT 4.0 operating system with Microsoft’s Service Packs may assist with difficulties associated with certain types of PC Cards.