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Last Updated On: 08/05/2004

Troubleshooting Devices

Tape Backups

Problem: NT Backup skipped files during the backup process:
Solution: During a backup, files that are in use are not backed up. Instead, NT Backup skips the file, waits 30 seconds, and tries one final time to backup the file. At this point the file is skipped for the remainder of the backup. This is due to the fact the NT Backup will not backup any file that it believes is currently being edited by a user, since any changes saved after the backup will not be included in the backed up image.

Problem: Problems detecting tape drives:
Solution: Under Windows NT, most tape drive detection problems result from SCSI bus problems. If a tape drive is SCSI, verify the termination, cable integrity and connections, and SCSI IDs. Tape drives are often placed on SCSI ID 6 (a high priority ID).