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Windows 98 Cab Files

Cabfile Changes

Cabfiles are now split according to function. For example, drivers are in the file, network files are in files and so forth.

The Cab File Structure:

CAB File
EBD.CAB 1 Files for ESD
MINI.CAB 1 Mini Windows for Setup from MS-DOS
CHL99.CAB 1 Contains the offline channel WebPages for the channel bar.1
PRECOPY#.CAB 2 Setup and INF files
CATALOG3.CAB 1 OEM specific files
BASE#.CAB 2 Includes the files necessary for 1st boot
NET#.CAB 5 Network driver related files
DRIVER##.CAB 12 Windows 98 Drivers
Win98##.CAB 44 Windows 98 files

Viewing Cab Files

Viewing files in a CAB file is much simpler in Windows 98. In Windows 95 you use the extract utility and any one of six switches and four parameters. In Windows 98, you simply secondary-click a CAB file, and select View.

Extracting CAB files

When you click VIEW, Explorer opens a new window displaying the contents of the cab file. Secondary-click a file and select Extract to begin the process. The file is extracted to a Temp folder on drive C and can be copied to the correct location.