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To Delete Windows 9X from you hard drive:

Reboot your system. As the system is starting up you will see a brief message in the text before the Windows95 banner screen appears which says "Starting Windows 95." When this message appears press the F8 key on the top row of keys on your keyboard. The message goes by rather quickly, so you will have to be ready to press F8 immediately when it appears.

This will bring you to the Windows Startup Menu. From this menu you will select "Command Prompt Only." Your mouse will not function in this screen, so you will have to select with the Arrow keys on the keyboard, or press the number that corresponds to the choice. After you have selected "Command Prompt Only," Press "ENTER" on your Keyboard. This will bring you to the C:\> prompt.

At the C:\> prompt type in "C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\DELTREE C:\WINDOWS." You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the directory, C:\WINDOWS, and all of its subdirectories. After confirmation the system may take a few moments to delete Windows, and will then return to the C:\> prompt.

Note: To speed up the deltree process load Smartdrive (C:\Windows\Smartdrv.exe) prior to running the deltree command.

Also Note: If Internet Explorer 5.0 has been installed, it will be necessary to deltree the Programs directory as well. If not, you will receive an out-of-memory error when trying to launch IE.

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