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DirectInput provides support for input devices including the mouse, keyboard, and joystick, as well as for force-feedback (input/output) devices. Like other DirectX components, DirectInput is based on the Component Object Model (COM).

DirectInput provides services for the joystick and other devices such as game pads, flight yokes, and virtual-reality headgear.

Also, with DirectX 5.0, are the services for the force-feedback devices that are starting to appear in the game market.

Windows 98 replaces Joystick in the Windows 95 Control Panel with Game Controllers. The new Game Controllers Control Panel works with legacy game port devices as well as with USB/HID game controllers.

Further, the Control Panel is now Plug-and-Play aware and will update the list of current Game Controllers connected to the system dynamically as USB/HID game controllers are plugged in or unplugged.