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DiskSpace Cleanup Manager

Disk Cleanup is a new tool that removes unnecessary files from a disk. Also a part of Disk Cleanup Manager is a Low Disk Space Notification feature that is enabled for all hard drives. When the free disk space on a volume drops below a set threshold, a dialog box appears and prompts you to run Disk Cleanup. This dialog box appears only once during a Windows session and will not be reset unless you reboot the computer.

Disk Cleanup, What Drive

The first screen for the disk cleanup program is pictured above. It is used to select the drive that will be cleaned up.

Disk Cleanup, Calculating Space

After selecting the drive the disk cleanup program scans the drive for files in certain locations that may be deleted to free up space.

Disk Cleanup, Disk Cleanup Tab

After scanning, the Disk Cleanup window appears (Figure 17). It has three tabs:

  • Disk Cleanup
  • More Options
  • Settings

Disk Cleanup Tab

The Disk Cleanup tab allows the selection of types of files and shows how much space those files take up. The types of files that the Disk Cleanup program reports on are:

  • Temporary internet files
  • Downloaded program files
  • Files in the recycle bin
  • Temporary files (files with a .tmp extension)
  • Windows 98 uninstall information

Select the classification of the files you wish to delete and then click OK.

Disk Cleanup, Verification Dialog

After proceeding, Disk Cleanup offers you one chance to back out of deleting the files.

Disk Cleanup, Deleting Files

If Yes is clicked from that screen, then the Disk Cleanup program deletes the files. It provides updates advising from what location it is deleting files.

Disk Cleanup, More Options Tab

The disk cleanup program also provides easy access to launch the:
  • Windows Setup Tab of the Add / Remove programs Wizard
  • Install / Uninstall tab of the Add / Remove programs Wizard
  • FAT32 Conversion Utility

These are available from the More Options tab

Disk Cleanup, Settings Tab

The Settings tab has one checkbox. The checkbox allows enabling or disabling automatic running of the Disk Cleanup program when drive space runs low on the drive.