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The Mouse

The Windows 9X mouse, with its expanded features and capabilities, uses both the left and right buttons.

It is possible to change the right button to the primary button and the left to the secondary button.

The Primary Mouse Button

The primary mouse button (typically the left button for right-handed users and the right button for left-handed users) is used in the traditional mouse activities of selecting, pointing, and dragging. The traditional drag is a copy within a single drive, a move across drives, or creation of a shortcut for an program file. Most drag-and-drop functions default to the primary button.

The Secondary Mouse Button

The secondary mouse button is the object menu button. Clicking an object with the secondary mouse button presents a context menu offering choices of what you can do with the object. These choices commonly include:

  • Open
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Create Shortcut\
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Properties

Send to-This option allows you to send a copy of the object to floppy drives, mail recipients, or your briefcase.

Dragging and dropping with the secondary mouse button produces a menu of options. The following are some of the more common options.

  • Move Here
  • Copy Here
  • Create Shortcut(s) Here
  • Cancel

You may also use the mouse to manipulate multiple objects at the same time. Select the objects by drawing a box around all of the objects you want to manipulate (drag, delete, copy, and so on) and manipulate the objects the same as you would a single object.