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Windows 9X Networking

Distributed File System

A Windows NT network administrator can use the Distributed File System (Dfs) utility, to organize multiple file servers and shares logically into a single directory structure.

The Dfs Directory Tree

A Dfs directory tree presents data logically no matter what file server it is on. This simplifies the following tasks:

• Browsing

• Searching

• Accessing

The network administrator can change the network by moving data or adding additional resources, such as file storage, without affecting the way users see and access data.

The Redirector in Windows 98

The redirector (Vredir.vxd) in Windows 98 has been updated to provide access to Dfs volumes. Unlike NT's, the Windows 98 redirector’s Dfs support is limited to SMB-based resources. Any non-SMB resources (for example, NetWare) in a Dfs tree will be invisible to Windows 98.