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No OS Found

The error No OS Found when booting to the C: or hard drive usually means one of two things:

  1. The hard drive is not "seen" by the system setup.
  2. The hard drive does not contain the necessary Windows boot files.

The first step is to check the system setup to see if the hard drive is "seen" by the system.

If not, reseat the cables. If nogo, replace the cables. If still nogo, it is probably a faulty hard drive.

If the system "sees" the hard drive:

  1. boot to a bootable floppy
  2. change to the hard drive (C:) and type DIR to see if the hard drive is accessable
  3. If it is, then try making the drive bootable by changing back to A: and typing sys C:. Then reboot without the floppy to test the hard drive.

    Note: if the file is not on the floppy, copy it to the floppy drive to run it.

  4. If the drive is not accessable run the Dell 90-90 diags or the Dell Diagnostics to check the drive.