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Backing up and restoring the Windows 95 Registry

To make back up copies of the Windows 95 registry and system files, use the Emergency Recovery Utility.

The Emergency Recovery Utility is a Program designed to back-up system initialization files in the event of a system catastrophe. You can use this tool to create backups and store them on any drive, floppy, or network.

The ERU saves the Config.sys, Autoexec.bat, Win.ini, System.ini, Protocol.ini, User.dat, System.dat, System.ini, Io.sys,, and Msdos.sys and places them into a directory named ERU.

To backup the Registry using the ERU

  1. insert the Windows 95 CD-ROM.
  2. Open the folder [drive:]other\misc\eru
  3. Double click on the file ERU.EXE.
  4. When the ERU program executes, you will be asked to select the location you want to send the backup files to. An example would be C:\ERU
  5. Click OK

To restore the backup system configuration files:

  1. Boot to a command prompt. To boot to a command prompt, reboot the computer. When you see the message "Starting Windows 95" strike the [F8] key.
  2. Change to the ERU directory that was created when you first ran the ERU utility.
  3. Type in the command CD\ERD and press [Enter]
  4. Type in the command ERU and press [Enter]
  5. The ERU will automatically restore the backup files.

Note: To make a full backup, select another drive instead of floppy disk. You need to have config.sys and autoexec.bat files on the root directory, (they can be empty), for the Program to work. Microsoft recommends running it before making any major hardware or software changes to the system.