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Preparing To Install Windows 98

  • Insert the Windows 98 startup disk and Windows 98 CD and reboot the computer.
  • Select "Start the computer with CD-ROM support" (option 2) from the menu that appears.
  • If a re-install, choose to either deltree the Windows directory or Fdisk and Format the C;\ drive
  • To Deltree the Windows directory
    1. Verify that deltree.exe is on the diskette. If it is not, find it on the hard drive and copy it to the floppy.
    2. At the A:\ prompt, deltree Windows by typing DELTREE C:\WINDOWS.
  • To Fdisk and Format
    1. Fdisk is on the Windows Setup Disk. Run Fdisk to delete and recreate the partition
    2. Format is on the Windows 98 Cd in the Win98 directory. Change to that directory and type format c:
  • When this is completed, change to your CD-ROM drive letter (usually E:) and type SETUP.
  • Follow the On-Screen Instructions to install Windows 98. When asked, save your system files to the C:\ drive.

Installation Steps:

Installation Step
Setup from Windows 95
Setup from MS-DOS
Run Setup Start, Run Setup from CD Type Setup from the command prompt
Copy Setup Wizard files and Same as from Windows 95, plus
Licensing Agreement Acceptance required Acceptance required
Test Write to the MBR Not performed No prompt
Select Install folder Automatic to Windows 95 folder Existing Windows folder or Other
ScanDisk Automatic Automatic
ScanReg Automatic Automatic
Select Setup Option: Typical, Portable, Compact, Custom Not available Select 1 of the 4 options
Preparing directory Use existing Windows settings Use existing Windows 95 settings, if installed. Otherwise, check for disk space
Save existing system files? Yes: Create Winundo.dat and Winundo.ini files. No: Cannot uninstall Windows 98 Only available if Windows is on the system
Select Country setting for Channels Choose a country or none Choose a country or none
Create Emergency Startup Disk (ESD) Automatic. Insert a disk into drive A Automatic. Insert a disk into drive A
Copying files Automatic after ESD Automatic after ESD
Restart Computer Automatic Reboot Automatic Reboot

After Reboot:

Installation Step
Setup from Windows 95
Setup from MS-DOS
Restart (Start Windows 98 for the 1st time) Run once from registry Run once from registry
Real mode setup steps Configuration files edited for Windows 98-specific settings Configuration files edited for Windows 98-specific settings
Enumerating PnP devices Automatic Automatic
Verification - Legacy devices Only verifying legacy settings in the registry. If verification fails, full legacy detection called Automatic
Copy necessary software; make Registry entries May or may not get 3rd Restart prompt May or may not get 2nd Restart prompt
Finalizing settings Control Panel, Programs on the Start Menu, Windows Help, MS-DOS program settings, Winalign, System Configuration (including IE4, Outlook Express, FrontPage Express) and ScanRegW Same as Windows Setup
Last Restart: Setup completed Machine automatically reboots Machine automatically reboots
Welcome screen Introduces user to new support tools and online registration Automatic