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Windows 9X Setup

Dell Computer Corporation does not support editing the registry. Do not edit the registry without consulting a Technical Support Mentor and without taking into account the level of experience of the end user (customer).


During setup the real-mode utility ScanReg.exe runs in protected-mode. There is no indication it is running except the message "Initializing your system's registry database" displayed during "Checking your system".

ScanReg Error Levels

The following list identifies the error levels returned by Scanreg. If Setup cannot continue, run Setup from MS-DOS.

Error Level
2 The registry is bad and cannot be fixed; run Setup from MS-DOS
1 Fixable errors found; Setup continues
0 No problems found; no dialog box; Setup continues
-2 Not enough memory; free some conventional memory
-3 File not found; one or both of the registry files are missing
-4 Unable to create User.dat or System.dat file
-5 Reading the Registry failed
-6 Write failed; if either of the registry files are corrupt and cannot be fixed,
it will be truncated and a fresh one initialized -
ready for Setup to populate later.

Restoring Pre Windows 98 Registries

Some customers have backed up their core configuration files using the Eru and CfgBack utilities from the Windows 95 CD-ROM. If these Windows 95 backup registries are restored to the Windows 98 system, the computer most likely will not reboot. Additional information to correct this problem is in the System Tools module.


For the same reason mentioned above, it is not recommended to restore a damaged registry using System.1st. You will receive approximately eight error messages from Internet Explorer. The proper procedure for restoring a damaged registry is discussed in the System Tools module.