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Running Windows 95 Setup Over A Previous Installation Of Windows

There is no support for the PIIX4 drivers within Windows 95. Therefore a "dirty" reinstall of Windows 95 will fail. Windows 95 must be deleted by either a deltree of the Windows directory or a format of the hard drive.

Running Windows 98 Setup Over A Previous Installation Of Windows

Whether you are using the upgrade version of Windows 98 or you are simply installing the standard version over a previous install of Windows, there are a few things to remember:

  • Windows will attempt to keep the current registry.
  • All operating system files will be overwritten without asking permission to do so.
  • Windows 98 only reinstalls the currently installed applets.
  • Windows does not redetect hardware; it keeps the information from the current install.
  • The install background will be a picture of clouds instead of a dark blue background if you perform a reinstall from within Windows.