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Windows 9X Setup

Command line Switches

/IE Skip emergency startup disk page
/IG Skips ScanReg
/IV No video splash or billboards
/IH Do not hide ScanDisk windows
/SrcDir Set the source directory
batchfile Specify a setup.inf to load
/U:UPI Specify UPI (PID)
/IA Do not run files listed in setupc.inf under [AfterProvider] after copying files
/IB Do not run files listed in setupc.inf under [BeforeProvider] before copying files
/IX Do not perform a character set check
/IR Do not update the MBRs
/IC Clean boot. If this is set and "KeepRMDrivers=1" is not in the registry drivers are commented out of config.sys/autoexec.bat
/F Setup stops looking in a local cache for filenames. Setup runs a little slower and saves a little memory.
/NH No HWInfo.dat created during setup
/PI Allows keeping forced configured hardware settings. (hardware not using default settings). Some BIOS's require hardware to have a forced configuration to work. Setup removes by default the forced configuration and some machines' hardware is left in a non-working state.
/IQ Bypasses scandisk and doesn't look for compression on the drive. Very useful when the customer receives the error that they have disk compression installed when they actually don't. Setup will not continue if it detects compression.