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Microsoft WebTV for Windows is the initial step on the path to a true "home" personal computer, a computer that is the center of a home entertainment system.
It gives the user an ability to watch television via the computer.

Windows 98 contains all the software required to run the application. The current issue is with hardware, ATI being the only Microsoft approved developer of video cards which is currently supported.

WebTV for Windows will initially ship only in the U.S. and Canadian versions of Windows 98.

Microsoft WebTV for Windows Components

The Microsoft WebTV for Windows components enables your PC to act as a receiver of broadcast information, such as television programs. With Windows 98 and a TV tuner adapter card supported by Windows 98 installed in your PC, you can:

  • Find your favorite television programs with an electronic program guide that is always up-to-date
  • Watch television programs on your PC monitor, even while you are using other software applications
  • View Interactive Television programs that enhance television shows with additional, more interactive information about the show
  • Receive other information, such as web pages, multimedia files and software upgrades over the broadcast airwaves, so you donít have to tie up a phone line.

Currently, WebTV for Windows supports both cable and over-the-air broadcast transmissions for National Television Standards Committee (NTSC) programming. Satellite and other broadcast transmission standards will be supported in the future.

Microsoft WebTV for Windows components are optionally installed using a Custom Setup, or installed through Add/Programs in Control Panel.

Microsoft WebTV for Windows Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware to use Microsoft WebTV for Windows is as follows:

  • Intel Pentium-166MHz processor or compatible
  • 16MB RAM
  • 17" SVGA display capable of 800x600 resolution with 60Hz non-interlaced refresh rate
  • 14,400-bps internal or external modem (compatible with Windows Telephony)
  • Pointing device with two buttons

The recommended hardware to use Microsoft WebTV for Windows is as follows:

  • Intel Pentium 200MHz processor
  • 32MB RAM or more
  • 21" display capable of 800 x 600 resolution with 60Hz non-interlaced refresh rate
  • 28,800 bps or higher internal fax modem (AT command set compatible).
  • Pointing device with two buttons
  • ATI All-inWonder Card or ATI All-inWonder Pro Card
  • Cable connection to the card
  • Speakers

To display video in the WebTV for Windows application, the requirement is ATI All-inWonder Card or ATI All-inWonder Pro Card. No other cards will work with WebTV for Windows from the Windows 98 product.

Program Guide Setup without a TV Card

Users may download the Program Guide without having the required TV tuner card for watching TV. It is a five-step process. To get the most of the experiences, make sure your display is set for a minimum of 800x600 resolution.

Without an ATI All-in-Wonder card, only three options are available from the Go ToÖ button: Guide Plus, Configuration and Finished.

Narratation is in the TV Configuration program. There are two versions; a short one for no hardware, and a longer one for hardware. If you have hardware and don't get the long one, it's possible you need to update your display adapter driver.

  • From the opening screen, click Guide Plus+ in the bottom left corner.
  • This brings up the Guide Plus+ Download page in IE 4.0. Enter your Postal Code using your keypad to enter the numbers and click submit.
  • Click your cable system, then click the Download button.
  • The site downloads a small database for the Program Guide. Close IE 4 when finished.
  • Click the close button in the Welcome screen.

Users should see Web TV for Windows populated with about 2 days of programming content.