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Floppy Boot Disk

The Windows 98 Setup disk, which ships with the Win98 CD-ROM, is a bootable disk that provides CD-ROM support. The following functionality has been added:

  • Multi-start menu for booting your computer with or without access to the CD-ROM.
  • Real-mode IDE CD-ROM support
  • Real-mode SCSI CD-ROM support

Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu

  1. Start Win98 Setup from CD-ROM.
  2. Start computer with CD-ROM Support.
  3. Start computer without CD-ROM Support.

Enter a choise:

F5=Safe mode Shift+F5=Command prompt Shift+F8=Step-by-step confirmation [N]

Contents of the Windows 98 Startup Disk

The following table lists the contents and describes the function of each file in the Startup Disk.

Aspi2dos.sys Real-mode Adaptec CD-ROM driver.
Aspi4dos.sys Real-mode Adaptec CD-ROM driver.
Aspi8dos.sys Real-mode Adaptec CD-ROM driver.
Aspi8u2dos.sys Real-mode Adaptec CD-ROM driver.
Aspicd.sys Real-mode Adaptec CD-ROM driver.
Autoexec.bat A batch file with a set of instructions that configure your computer when you boot it.
Btcdrom.sys Mylex/BusLogic CD-ROM driver.
Btdosm.sys Mylex/BusLogic CD-ROM driver. Command interpreter.
Config.sys Loads the device drivers. Cabinet file containing extract utilities.
Extract File to expand the file.
Fdisk.exe Disk partition tool. Command to format a drive.
FindCD.exe Utility that confirms existence of CDROM Drive
Flashpt.sys Mylex/BusLogic CD-ROM driver.
Himem.sys XMS Memory Manager.
Io.sys System boot file.
Msdos.sys Boot option information (paths, multiboot, and so on). Microsoft CD extension for CD-ROM support.
Oakcdrom.sys Generic device driver for ATAPI CD-ROM drives.

Using the Startup Disk

If you have problems with Setup or have trouble starting Windows 98, you can use a Startup Disk to start your computer and run Setup or to gain access to your system files. If you have problems with your hard disk, for example, you can use a Startup Disk to start your computer and troubleshoot your hard disk.

The Startup Disk contains generic CD-ROM drivers, which you can use if your computer has difficulty communicating with your CD-ROM drive. To use these drivers, select the CD-ROM drive option.

To start your computer using a Startup Disk

  1. Insert the Startup Disk in the floppy disk drive.
  2. Restart your computer.
    The Microsoft Windows 98 Startup menu appears.
  3. Choose the option desired, then press ENTER.
  4. Follow the instructions on your screen.

Note: the best option is to start the computer with CD-ROM support and copy the Win98 directory contents to the hard drive, then run setup from the hard drive.